You’ve got to try it.

You might pause when you take your first sip of McBarley’s wine. You’ll check the label to be sure you opened the right bottle. You might even ask the person next to you to try it, just to confirm your taste buds aren’t deceiving you. And then comes the moment of truth: Yes, McBarley’s wine is that good.

We guarantee it.

We are so sure we can consistently produce great-tasting wine, we guarantee it. Think us bold? It’s easy to be confident when you have a cutting-edge facility and a wine master with skills like Erick.

We asked Erick how he does it.

“We make good wine because we’ve got the right set up. First off, we keep the place clean. Dirty equipment makes dirty wine.

Then comes the juice: we have the best grape juice selection in the Valley.

Then we follow an established wine-making process. We store the wine in fermentation and cold rooms to make it smooth, and we use the latest equipment, like our Gas-Getter degassing system. Plus, if I’m honest, I tweak it a little here and there to balance the flavours just right.”

With medals to prove it.

McBarley’s wines have won over 30 International awards in competitions open to 10 countries worldwide.

See for yourself.

You can order on-premises wine making — we do all the work (all you do is bottle it) — or you can buy a kit to make at home. Either way, our knowledgeable staff helps you choose and produce a wine worthy of sharing with your best company. 

You’ll see what all the fuss is about!