Customize labels and shrink caps.

You can create personalized labels at McBarleys. The attractive peel-and-stick labels are easy to apply and even easier to remove. And, there is no messy residue left on the bottle! 30 Labels $14.95 tax included. Add matching shrink caps to give your wine that professional finish. 30 Shrink caps $4.95 tax included.

Bottle Policies & Cleaning 

It is illegal under our liquor license for customers to bottle their finished product in commercial labelled bottles. Labels should be removed or the commercial name defaced before bringing in your bottles. Customers are responsible to bring in clean and prepared bottles. Upon arrival bottles can be given a final sanitize and rinse in our commercial machines prior to filling.

The most common reason for bad wine is dirty or mouldy bottles. This is easy to avoid if you rinse the bottle when it is empty, then store it upside-down. That way, no critters or mould take up residence in your bottles, so they are ready to use for your next batch.

 Please note! We do not guarantee the wine if bottles are unclean at the time of bottling.


We’ve taken the hassle out of bottling.
You can bottle a batch of wine in 30 minutes at our automated bottling stations — less if you bring a buddy! To help you bottle quickly, we have:

2 stainless-steel wine-bottling stations digitally controlled
Automated bottle washing equipment
Automated wine corkers

The first batch of bottles 50% off.
Receive 50% off your first batch of bottles with your first full priced order of wine or beer. (Offer not included when bringing in your own fruit)