Wine Descriptions

Full Bodied Reds
Amarone – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine Amarone is powerful, intense, and has a stunning complexity of vibrant flavours. It is a deep rich garnet color and its intense flavours and high alcohol make it a full-to-heavy bodied, richly dry wine. It is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry, almond, with slight hints of chocolate flavours. Due to its high tannins, it has a beautiful long finish.

BarberaAvailable in a 5 or 8 week wine Contrary to Barolo or Barbaresco, a Barbera wine is not a dark and sinister purple but a brighter ruby red. Low in tannin and loaded with the taste of fruit, Barbera gets its structure from the play between acidity and the dense concentration of fruit. In northern Italy it is the wine that’s consumed every day by the people who make those earth-shattering Barolos and Barbarescos. Try with pasta, pizza and red meat dishes

BaroloAvailable in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine Barolo has been called the “King of wines” and the “wine of Kings”. It is one of the world’s best wines and is made from only the very best Nebbiolo grapes. Barolo, a robust red, is full bodied and very dry. It’s high in acidity, alcohol and tannin. The aroma is similar to ripe strawberries, tar, roses, violets and truffles. This wine improves with age and becomes a beautiful mellow red. Barolo is best served with food. It nips the taste buds and enhances an exquisite dining experience.

Cabernet MerlotAvailable in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine This popular blend combines the plump, fruity, earlier ageing Merlot grape with the robust Cabernet Sauvignon grape for a powerful match. The Cabernet Merlot blend is loaded with jammy currant and berry flavours, a ripe, medium-full body of dried fruit, backed by oak. Try with steak frites, lamb chops or mixed grill.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine Cabernet Sauvignon is a highly sought after red wine known for its depth of flavour, aroma and ability to age. It is full-bodied and intense, with cherry- currant and sometimes herbal flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon may have noticeable tannins. The bold flavoured cabernet sauvignon is often matched with strong flavored foods like: chocolate, filet mignon, grilled steak, lamb chops and strong flavoured cheeses.

Cabernet Shiraz – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine Cabernet Sauvignon structural intensity perfectly complements the ripe fruit and chocolate flavours of Shiraz, for rich, complex and hearty red wine of outstanding character Carmenere – Available in a 8 week wine Carmenère is deep crimson in color, with fruit-filled aromas and flavours of dark cherries, berries, spice and smoke. It is a medium-bodied wine, with tannins that are gentler and softer than those of Cabernet Sauvignon. On the nose it’s sweet, smooth and seductive, on the palate its super concentrated and intense with almost overpowering blackberry and boysenberry fruit. This wine should be enjoyed young due to its naturally soft tannins. Carmenere pairs with most foods.

GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine In this superb red, the three wines come together to create a rich full-bodied wine boasting an intricate collection of flavours. Its full nose has generous cherry, plum and blackberry aromas with toasty vanilla undertones. Initial fruit flavours gain complexity as more spicy, earthy and savoury elements show themselves in the warm and generous finish. A delicious Rhone-style red wine fine yet firm tannins pairs perfectly with barbecued pork, braised lamb, marinated beef tenderloin and full flavoured pastas.

Rosso Fortissimo – Available in an 8 week wine A big, full bodied red wine with solid structure and bold fruit notes. Complex cassis, plum and cherry notes balance the bold tannins. French and American oaks contribute toasty vanilla and greater depth to this intense wine.

Shiraz – Available in 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine Shiraz is known for its spicy blackberry, plum, and peppery flavours. Often there are additional notes of liquorice, bitter chocolate and mocha. Shiraz is even affected by growing temperature – warmer climates bring out the mellower flavours of plum, while cooler temperatures spice up the wine

Super Tuscan – Available in a 8 week wine Super Tuscan wine is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is a full-bodied, muscular, red wine with aromas and flavours of rich black fruits, spice, vanilla, plum, leather and raisin. Velvety tannins and great structure make this wine the perfect match for stews, braised meats, Parmigiano Reggianno cheese, meat-lovers pizza, barbecued ribs and rich pasta dishes.

Syrah (Shiraz)Available in a 5 or 8 week wine Syrah can produce monumental red wines with strong tannins and complex combinations of flavours including berry, plum and smoke. It’s known as Shiraz mainly in Australia and South Africa. Vieux Chateau du Roi – Available in a 5 or 6 week wine Full-bodied, yet soft red. A terrific wine to serve with red meat dishes

Zinfandel – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine Zinfandel is a red wine with light to full body and berry-like or spicy flavours. The Zinfandel grape is also widely used in the popular off-dry blush wine known as White Zinfandel. The Red Zinfandel pairs well with moderately spicy meat dishes and casseroles.

Zweigelt – Available in a 8 week wine Dark cherry in colour. An opulent bouquet of red fruit, including raspberry, cherry and current, stands against a background of vanilla, black pepper and a hint of liquorice. There is also a certain earthiness to taste that combines a compelling counter balance to the lively fruit and spice. A spicy, fruit-drive wine with moderate tannins.  

Smooth Reds
Chateau Du Pays Available in a 8 week wine
This wine derives its complex character from Syrah, Carignan and Grenache grapes. Rich flavours suggestive of cherry, raspberry, blackberry and plum combine with notes of pepper and chocolate

MalbecAvailable in a 5, 8 week wine
This black grape creates a rustic, mid-bodied wine, but is most often used in blending with other wines.

Malbec/Shiraz – Available in a 5 week wine
A popular blend of Malbec and Shiraz. The finished medium bodied wine is bright red with purple hues and is inflected with juicy red and black fruit notes, subtle spice with an inviting vanilla accent. The flavours are in fine balance with the natural fruit acids and soft tannins making this a very pleasant and quaffable red. Its matches well with a variety of foods, beef, pork, pasta and pizza. The wine shows well after 3 months and will continue to develop for at least 12 months in the bottle.

Meritage – Available in a 8 week wine
Red Meritage wines historically have been among the world’s most highly rated wines. They are prized for their smooth, silky texture and complex, robust structure. A Red Meritage is a blend of two or more of the red “noble” Bordeaux varieties — Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot and the rarer St. Macaire, Gros Verdot and Carmenère. To qualify as a Meritage, no single grape variety can make up more than 90% of the blend.

Merlot – Available in a 4, 5, 6 & 8 week wine
Merlot is a red wine with medium to full body and herbaceous flavours. Merlot is typically softer in taste than Cabernet Sauvignon. Its flavours and aromas include blackberry, baked cherries, plums, chocolate, and mocha.

Pinotage – Available in a 8 week wine
Pinotage has a distinctive flavour, very fruity with an underlying taste frequently compared with banana. Pinotage pairs well with stews and other rich dishes.

Tempranillo – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine
Tempranillo is a medium bodied wine which shows lively blackberry and plum flavours with hints of vanilla, cocoa and tobacco and picks up spice and herb on the finish. Age 6 months or more to enjoy the full balanced complexity of this wine. Lively and bright enough for light dishes with enough tannin and grip for roasted and grilled meats.

Fruity Reds
BrunelloAvailable in a 5 week wine
Complex layers of honeysuckle, strawberry, apricot, and tropical fruit. Smooth and round with notable strawberry flavour. Don’t confuse this as just another take on White Zinfandel. The wine shows well after a couple of months of ageing. Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif or with light foods.

Chianti – Available in a 6 week wine
Chianti is a red wine. Typical flavours in Chianti include cherry, plum, strawberry, spice, almonds, tobacco, vanilla and coffee. Chianti goes well with well-seasoned foods. Chianti is often called a “fruity” wine, meaning it appeals to new wine drinkers

Pinot Noir – Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine
Pinot Noir is a red wine of light to medium body and delicate, smooth, rich complexity with earthy aromas. They are less tannic than a cabernet sauvignon or a merlot. Pinot Noirs exude the flavour of baked cherries, plums, mushrooms, cedar, cigars, and chocolate.

Valpolicella – Available in a 5 or 6 week wine
Valpolicella can be a fruity, medium-weight red wine. They can have a light cherry flavour, with liquorice hints and slightly bitter finish. It goes well with light dishes – pork, lamb, eggplant in red sauce.

Rich Whites
Chardonnay Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine
Chardonnay is a white wine which can range from clean and crisp with a hint of varietal flavour to rich and complex oak-aged wines. Chardonnay typically balances fruit, acidity and texture. This varietal goes well with everything from fish and poultry to cheeses, spicy foods and nut sauces.

Gruner VeltlinerAvailable in a 8 week wine
Full bodied fruit – driven wine with a big creamy texture. Not heavily oaked like a Chardonnay, it is a very versatile food wine.

Primo BiancoAvailable in a 6 week wine
Deliciously Ripe & Refreshing full-bodied white wine. Primo Bianco captures your eye with its brilliant gold colour. Aromas of banana and exotic fruits jump from the glass. Upon tasting the wine, your mouth is filled with refreshing flavours of sun-drenched pineapple and fresh pear. Subtle tones of vanilla and butter accent the ripe fruit flavours adding to the silky and supple mouth feel. The finish is smooth and elegant. Primo Bianco is great alongside salmon, barbecued chicken, lobster, turkey, pasta in a garlic cream sauce and mild cheeses such as Gruyere and Cream Brie.

Fruity Whites
GewurztraminerAvailable 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wines
Gewurztraminer is a white wine that produces distinctive wines rich in spicy aromas and full flavours, ranging from dry to sweet. Flavours of gingerbread, vanilla, grapefruit, and honeysuckle come out of this varietal. It is often a popular choice for Asian cuisines and pork-based sausages.

Liebframilch – Available in a 4, 5 or 6 week wine

Muller Thugau Available in a 6 week wine
Wine from the Muller-Thurgau is usually dry to semi-dry and is lightly aromatic, notes of peach, apple & pear

Viognier – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine
Viognier is noted for spice, floral, citrus, apricot, apple and peach flavours. It typically produces medium bodied wines with relatively high acids and fruit

Piesporter – Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine
Light, fruity, delicate and sweet, Piesporter is a white wine produced in the Piesport region of Germany.

Crisp Whites
An easy-drinking, light-bodied wine with a smooth, refreshing flavour

Chenin Blanc – Available in a 5 week wine
Chenin Blanc is a white grape that produces a crisp, balanced wine. Chenin Blanc tends to taste of apples, pears, tropical fruits. It tends to be dry to semi-dry

Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio) Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine
The low acidity of this white varietal helps produce rich, lightly perfumed wines that are often more colourful than other whites. The best ones have pear and spice-cake flavours.

Riesling – Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine
Rieslings are white wines known for their floral perfume. Depending on where they’re made, they can be crisp and bone-dry, full-bodied and spicy or luscious and sweet. The flavour is often of peaches, apricots, honey, and apples and pairs well with duck, pork, and roast vegetables, salads, appetizers, fruits – even BBQs and spicy cuisine

Sauvignon Blanc – Available in a 4, 5, 6 or 8 week wine
Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine best known for its grassy, herbal flavours. Sauvignon Blanc is also called Fume Blanc, and is a popular choice for fish and shellfish dishes. A delicious crisp white wine

Soave – Available in a 6 week wine
Soave is a straw yellow color, almost green sometimes. It’s known to be delicate and light, perhaps a hint of almonds. Think perfumes and gentle flowers. Soave is a great pre dinner wine with hors d’oeuvres or soups. It can also go with light dishes, like simple vegetables, rice and pasta

Verdiccio Available in a 6 week wine
This yellow-green grape produces a crisp and dry white wine with an elegant aroma and flavour.

White Merlot Available in a 5 week wine
Take a Merlot. Make it a blush…Voila – a Merlot like you’ve never experienced! Fresh strawberries abound in the aromas and flavours of this medium-pink rose style wine, capped by a crisp finish that’s slightly drier than a typical blush. Bright fruit and generous acidity make it a brilliant food pairing wine.

White Zinfandel – Available in a 5 or 8 week wine
White zinfandel is delicious with cream-based-sauce with pasta, with fish, pork, and other “lighter” meals. It tends to have citrusy and light flavours Orange, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

White Shiraz –
On the palate this wine is smooth and round with notable strawberry flavour and a suggestion of tropical fruit. Don’t confuse this as just another take on the White Zinfadel. Serve slightly chilled with light foods, pairs well with chicken, salad, desserts and Asian dishes.

Champagne/ Sparkling Wine
These wines are made effervescent in the wine-making process. Champagnes and sparkling wines range in style from very dry (Natural), dry (brut) and slightly sweet (extra Dry) to sweet (sec and Demi-Sec). Chardonnay & Zinfandel Blush are recommended for champagne however any white wine or blush wine is suitable.
Dessert Wines

Orange Muscat – Available in 8 weeks Orange muscat dessert wine with natural orange essence. Exudes aromas of orange and spice. Flavours of honey, orange and lychee. Intense. Best served chilled. This varietal is often served with puddings and chocolate desserts.

Ice Wine Ice wine is the sweet, luscious and intensely flavoured dessert wine made from grapes that have frozen on the vine.

FortifiedAvailable in 8 weeks

Port – In the Portuguese tradition this wine is made from a blend of several grape varieties. Intense fruit flavour and character. Brandy may be added to elevate the alcohol at the time if bottling

Sherry – A balance of sweetness, richness and maturity. Velvety flavour suggests dried fruit, vanilla and almonds