Juice It

Our custom built juicer arrived from Germany in the fall of 2017. It can wash, grind, juice, pasteurize & bag 1500lbs of apples/pears per hour. In addition to pressing apples for hard cider, this year we are able to offer a juicing service and press your fruit into fresh pasteurized juice. The juice lasts 6 months without refrigeration!

Any apple variety found in the Cowichan Valley is suitable for juicing. You can also mix apple varietals. Fruit trees are loaded this year, we are set for a very busy season. Please call the store 250-748-8440 if you’ve any questions.

Minimum quantities required for juicing is 125lbs, no maximum quantity. The minimum quantity allows for the efficient operation of the hydraulic press to give the maximum amount of juice. 125lbs apples will produce approx. 30 litres of juice or 6 x 5ltr boxes.

Fresh pasteurized juice is bagged and boxed in 5 litres.
125lbs apples will produce approx. 6 boxes of juice.

125 – 500lbs – $16.95 + tax per 5 ltr box
500 – 1000lbs – $15.95 + tax per 5ltr box
1000lbs+ – $14.95 + tax per 5 ltr box

PRICING FOR HARD CIDER Standard 6% (for 8% Alc. add $10)
100lbs apples = 24ltrs cider $175.00
200lbs apples = 48ltrs cider $250.00
Bottles are extra unless you have your own.

Store juice in a cool dry location. Shelf life is 6 months unopened. Refrigerate once opened and use within 3 months.

At McBarleys location on Polkey Rd just off Hwy 1 & Allenby in Duncan.

We will be juicing at our location on Polkey Rd, from mid-August to the end of October. Please check in with us before you pick your fruit for availability. 250 748 8440

We are not able to process batches of apples that show signs of mold or are rotting.

Unopened juice
lasts 6 months
without refrigeration!
Refrigerate once open