The Team

  David Robinson: Owner/Operator
From fine diamonds to wine diamonds. After 25 years as a business executive in the gem industry, David isn’t your typical on-premises wine store owner. “I saw potential in McBarley’s and wanted to take crafting beer and wine to the next level. Crafted wine is surprisingly good; I, like many others, have memories from my childhood of foul-tasting home-brewed wine stored in the laundry closet. Crafting wine has evolved; it’s my job to make sure everyone knows it.”
  Victoria Robinson: Marketing and Business Development
Victoria’s experience in luxury retail store design gave her insight into how to rejuvenate McBarley’s shop. “I created a place that represents the great wine and beer we produce. People in the Cowichan Valley take their food and drink seriously. I want to show our customers that McBarley’s does too.”
  Harry Atwal: Brew Master
Harry is a beer-brewing genius. He has been with McBarley’s since the beginning and can remember customer orders from as far back. Harry spends most of his days in front of the copper kettles, brewing beer from the 100+ recipes he has developed over the past 16 years. Harry says, “I work with you to get as close to your commercial favourites as possible. When you come back for another order I know I have done my job.” Harry is also well known in the Valley for his refreshing ciders, “bring in the apples I will do the rest.”
  Erick Halonen: Wine Maker
Erick is our wine guru. He joined McBarley’s in 2004, after working for many years in Victoria in the wine-making industry. Erick knows everything about wine and fruit production, and has contributed to our award winners. “Is there a better life? I spend my days making wine, listening to music and sport on my iPod; at the weekends I get to sample my efforts.”
Susan Matthews:
We couldn’t do it without family! Sue, Victoria’s mother, keeps McBarley’s on track with her impeccable bookkeeping skills. “I didn’t expect to work again once I retired in 2003, but who can refuse payment in wine!”
    Judy: Organizing Dynamo
Judy has endless energy. She works full time in Victoria as an Administrative Assistant for the Ministry of Education; her evenings are spent at McBarley’s organizing the back house for the following day’s business. And somewhere in all that, she has time for her special talents, “I sing and play the guitar. Many people know me from playing in a band called the Gold Diggers.”