'Make it Free' 4 Day Sale!
Thursday 5th, Friday 6th, Saturday 7th & Monday 9th, April 2018

Make one of our featured wines FREE! That's right, there's NO service fee on your first order. If you decide to make a 2nd wine during the sale we will give you an extra $20.00 discount. That's a total savings of up to $96.00 when you purchase two wines! With 20 reds and 16 whites included in this sale, do you need another reason to get ready for summer?!  

Sale prices for Red Wines start from $113.40 to $173.40 for 30 bottles wine
Sale prices for White Wines start from $103.40 - $168.40 for 30 bottles of wine
A full list of wines in the sale are available at the store

Bottles are an additional charge

Buy 1 kit save 10% 
Buy 2 kits save 20% 
Buy 3 or more save 30%   
Available only on the selected wines featured in the sale. 


Make one 48ltr Kettle Beer and save $20, make two beers & save $50
Make one 24ltr All Grain Beer & save $10, make two 24ltr beers & save $30
Make one 48ltr All Grain Beer & save $20, make two beers & save $50

Carbonated & 6% alc.
24 litre Regular price $110 - Sale price $90 SAVE $20.00
48 litre Regular price $185.00 - Sale price $135.00  
SAVE $50.00

Available in the following fruity

Cider Flavours - Apple based, Sparkling, 6% Alc.
Apple, Blueberry, Guava, Mixed Berry, Peach, Mango, Pear, Raspberry Lime

Coolers - Wine based, Sparkling, 6% Alc.

Acai Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Green, Apple, or Orange Sangria, Peach,

Raspberry Rose, Strawberry, Tropical Lime, Black Cherry, Blue Pomegranate, Mango

Strawberry, Melon Berry, Stonefruit, Tropical Fruit, White Pear, Wildberry