This mammoth mega juicer arrives from Germany in August 2017.  It can wash, grind, juice, pasteurize & bag  1700lbs of apples/pears per hour.  
In addition to pressing apples for hard cider, this year we are able to offer a juicing service and press your fruit into fresh pasteurized juice. The juice lasts 6 months without refrigeration! 

Minimum quantities required for juicing is 100lbs - Juice is bagged & boxed in 5 litres. Cost is $2 per litre. 

Over the next few months, we will be planning juicing events around the valley. Keep checking in with us via Facebook or visit this page for information as it becomes available.  W
e can bring the mobile juicer to you, providing there's a water supply and you have enough fruit. You'll need a minimum of 6,000lbs of apples/pears to book a private full day event get together with friends and neighbours and start planning!

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Thanks we appreciate it!
Dave & Victoria